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    Macro Update on Bitcoin and The Current Market Cycle [February 2021]

      The BTC Macro Market Cycle We can see that the current cycle… as predicted if you’ve been in Discord or following on YouTube… I’ve been saying this for almost 2 years now. The current market cycle is following the …

    Macro Update on Bitcoin and Its Current Market Cycle [October 2020]

    Where Do I Think Bitcoin is Positioned? It’s pretty clearly Bitcoin is it’s disbelief phase, or in the chart below in the take off phase of its market cycle:   Post halving after 160 days is a key time in …

    The Coronavirus Affect: 3 Signs Cryptocurrency Will Be a Good Place for Your Money
    The Coronavirus brought deadly consequences and economic earthquakes as it rose to pandemic status. Aftershocks from the hit world markets recently sustained are still felt with no sign of stopping. The situation is made worse by the reactionary and uncertain nature of …