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There is so much fluff in the trading community that it is hard to know what you should and shouldn’t learn, and what strategy you should follow. It can all become quite overwhelming. That’s where we can help!

Learn How to Read the Market

Stack the odds in your favour. Understand the cycles in crypto markets and arm yourself with the knowledge to identify trade setups.

Blockchain Technology
Part 1

Learn how to properly identify and take advantage of the timing of the emotional market cycle.

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Part 2

Identify strategic cryptocurrency market setups to ensure repeated high profit, low risk trades.

Part 3

Better understand supply and demand zones, and use this to identify where whales are looking to buy and sell.

Blockchain Technology
Part 4

Read the fear and greed in the market, and understand how to turn this into profitable trades.

Cryptocurrency Mastery

In our cryptocurrency mastery course, we cover how to set your stop losses and use proper risk management. This ensures you're not stressing about every trade you make and can sleep at night.

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Module 1

  • Reading candle stick patterns
  • Trend lines
  • Identifying support and resistance
  • Double bottoms and double tops
  • Basic patterns and formations

Module 2

  • Supply and demand zones
  • Institutional order blocks
  • The magic of Fibonacci
  • Elliott waves
  • 3 day line chart swing trade strategy

Module 3

  • Trading the emotional market cycle
  • Oscillating indicators MACD, Stochastics, RSI
  • Ichimoku Cloud
  • Moving averages
  • Pivots and swing trade strategy

Module 4

  • Basic Bitmex strategy
  • The easiest way to get more Bitcoin in a bull market
  • Wyckoff Theory
  • Identifying trading ranges (how we picked the bottom at $3,200)
  • Accumulation, distribution, and re-accumulation

Module 5

  • Our entry and exit triggers
  • Building a strategy and defining your set ups
  • Trading psychology
  • Risk minimisation
  • Our secret weapon indicator for buy and sell triggers

Module 6

  • Advanced margin trading on Bitmex
  • Shorting alts coins playing the trend
  • Hedging strategy and futures trading
  • Key set ups and execution


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Alan Watt

Just some feedback on your 6 week , 12 unit online course.

As an owner of a Registered Training Organisation, I always look at a few things on courses: Content, relevance, currency and importantly, facilitator’s knowledge.

From a learning perspective, I found the course to flow well, and each topic was separated nicely. I have watched the videos again, and can say that you guys tick all 4 boxes well.

I can see that a lot of work has gone into this product, and the structure has been thought out well.

Alan Watt - All Global Training, RTO 45224
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