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J Mac

Got 2 things to celebrate this week for the first time in my life I have made my first target in crypto in $$ teems. Would not have been possible without the course @Daxx and @Roman [We’re in a Bull Market] ran in 2019 and all the great learning experience gained from been a member here. I don’t post much mainly just lurk in the background haha but just wanted to thank you guys for all your knowledge you give and the time you put in to help out as plebs. I’m by no means a great trader yet still learning I’ve nuked an account before and lost money holding shitcoins after 2017 but without all that learning I would have never made it to where lam now. 7d my partner just got her Australian visa approved today. Less exciting than crypto but none the less exciting. Happy Friday crypto collective.


Seriously unreal course Kyle. This one is legendary. Done a few this year and it’s finally clicked. Well done guys and thank you for the effort.


I can confirm the course was the best decision I’ve made to date, cheers to market mastery 2.0. I definitely recommend it!


Loving the course so far!!!


First trade since starting the course. Best money I have spent this year. Absolutely loving the course, love the way you and Daxx teach and the just the general vibe/mood of the course. It’s serious enough to beg professional but I also love how you can take this piss out of each other and yourselves to.

The course paid for itself with the simple stuff!

Alan Watt

As an owner of a Registered Training Organisation, I always look at a few things on courses: Content, relevance, currency and importantly, facilitator’s knowledge.
From a learning perspective, I found the course to flow well, and each topic was separated nicely. I have watched the videos again, and can say that you guys tick all 4 boxes well.
I can see that a lot of work has gone into this product, and the structure has been thought out well.

Blake Jennings

Great course! Covers what they taught in the 2 day boot camps they ran around Australia and even more content ontop of that, so for almost 1/3 of the price of the bootcamp, its 100% worth every dollar! If you want to take your trading to the next level and beyond I highly recommend these crypto courses.


You guys are officialy the most knowledgeable people I’ve followed in regards with trading and learning how to do it as efficiently and simple as possible.

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