Market Mastery 2.0


Market Mastery 2.0

Event Starting: 9th Of November

3 Sessions Per Week.
4 Weeks.
2 – 2.5 hrs Per Session.
7.30PM Start AEST.
Monday, Wednesday and Friday Nights.
Most Sessions Will Have “Homework” For You To Complete.
Trader Travis (Travis Dobing) Will also feature in the 3rd week covering his very in-depth trading journal and risk management advice.
Each session will have market over view, any trades we are taking, and Q&A.

Contact daxx@altcoinmastery.io
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What’s included:

You will get access to:

$647 – Market Mastery 2.0 Course
Free – Market Mastery 1.0 Course
Free – FTX Sponsored Recent Course
Free – Access to Bear +Bull’s select range of custom indicators permanently.
Free – Access to both Crypto Collective and Bear + Bull private communities until end of year, which includes trading signals, mentorship and Q&A.

What’s involved in the Market Mastery 2.0 Course:

**Only register if you are making payment immediately!!**

The Market Mastery team is bringing you a new and updated Live trading course which is run across 4 weeks Post US presidential election.


Week 1:

Session 1:

  • Access to Communities (New!)
  • Psychology
  • Risk Management
  • Platform (FTX) (New!)

Week 1:

Session 2:

  • Reading Candle Sticks
  • Pattern Trading Strategies (New!)

Week 1:

Session 3:

  • Trend Lines
  • Support and Resistance
  • Supply and Demand Zones
  • Order Blocks

Week 2:

Session 4:

  • Fibonacci
  • Elliot Waves Theory

Week 2:

Session 5:

  • Wyckoff Theory
  • Market Cycles
  • Trading Ranges (New!)

Week 2:

Session 6:

  • Oscillating Indicators
  • Moving Averages

Week 3:

Session 7:

  • Basics to Ichimoku
  • 3Day Line Strategy

Week 3:

Session 8:

  • Long vs Short (New!)
  • Stop Loss Placement (New!)

Week 3:

Session 9:

  • Entry Candles (New!)
  • Exit Candles (New!)
  • Entry Strategies (New!)
  • Exit Strategies (New!)

Week 4:

Session 10:

  • Futures / Hedging (New!)
  • Custom Indicators (New!)
  • Access To Indicators (New!)

Week 4:

Session 11:

  • Trading Journal (New!)
  • Risk Management

Week 4:

Session 12:

  • Bringing It All Together
  • Q & A

**This seminar is not financial advice, any trades entered or exited are at your own risk, this course is solely for educational purposes about the cryptocurrency economy and charting using Trading View.**


The price for the Market Mastery 2.0 Course is currently $647 ($AUD) until the course has ended. Once the four weeks are up, the course price will rise to $747.


By making payment you agree and declare the understanding, that any and all responsibility is taken upon by yourself, you understand that all trading in any market has a potential of risk and loss, any trades entered into are at your own risk, and is at your sole responsibility, and not that of any or all of the instructors, you confirm that this training is for educational purposes only, and understand this is not financial advise and opinion on any security, crypto currency, or market entirely personal opinion.

What you will need

You will need a TradingView account, if/when you upgrade it to a paid one, if you use this link to create the account, you’ll be granted $30 USD credit towards the account also:

FTX account, use this link for a 10% discount on fees!

Make sure you have a note pad and pen and take a lot of screen shots!
You only learn 10% of what you hear, if you write it down that increases to 50% straight away, then if you implement it yourself that increases up to 80%!!!

Look forward to seeing you guys at the boot camp!!



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