Market Mastery 3.0

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This course is the latest instalment MM3, It been designed to help new and experienced traders level up and become professional traders.

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Starting First week of December 2023: Course is a combination of live and pre-recorded content. all live content will be recorded and accessible for life.
Course will run for 12 weeks with a break for Xmas holidays and new years.

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The course will be split into 3 parts:

The Fundamentals for Beginners

People who have been with us for along time probably wont need this part of the course but for a lot it will be a great refresher, and for the new people we have to hand the fundamentals well established.
This is topics like:
Basic market structure
Trading horizontals
Risk management
High time frame trading/investing
Setting stop losses
Swing Failure Patterns
Moving averages

Intermediate stage:

Market cycles + Halving,
Macro Economics
Thomas DeMark Sequential for market timing
Defining Range
Macro Fibonacci
Smart Money Concepts for Crypto
Supply and Demand
Exit Strategies
Altcoin Trading
Wyckoff Accumulation / Distribution
Order Blocks basic

Advanced topics

This is the type of content that covers advanced strategies that until recently only really hedge funds used and taught their traders this is good deeper into looking at level 2 data and analysing exactly what the traders and bots are doing on the exchanges.
Advanced Smart Money Concepts
Long Term VWAP
Order Flow
Mouse trap SFPs
Market Profile / Time Price Opportunity charts
Single Prints
Buy Tails/Sell Tails
Poor Highs/Lows

All these topics plus more will be covered.